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Constipation 101

Constipation 101


First thing’s first – we get it. At any given moment, about 29.3% of American adults are struggling to manage the frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms of constipation. With Broc Shot, you’ve not only found the permanent solution for irregularity – but a complete gut health, anti-inflammation, and detoxification solution. 

What is constipation and why does it happen?

Good health begins in your gut. Constipation, typically defined as a condition in which a person is unable to pass more than 3 stools a week, causes a critical interruption in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. When business as usual gets interrupted here, the potential cascade of physiological effects can be wide ranging and unpleasant. 

Constipation can be caused by a variety of factors – and often several at once. Some of the most common include:  

  • Dehydration

  • Inadequate consumption of dietary fiber 

  • Stress

  • Changes in your diet or routine

  • Imbalances in healthy gut bacteria (dysbiosis) 

  • Inflammation in the gut lining

  • Medical conditions ranging from certain types of cancers to diabetes (obviously, all serious conditions should be managed by a medical professional)

These are just the tip of the iceberg, constipation affects a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. Regardless of yours, there are very few circumstances in which sulforaphane can’t help – but let’s not get too far ahead. First, here’s what not to rely on.

Laxatives – the high risk option

Before we get into the details of how various laxatives work, it’s important to understand that frequent laxative use is not recommended. In fact, the Harvard Medical School specifically warns against an overreliance on laxative medications. With that said, you deserve to know what’s out there:

Bulk forming laxatives: These are products that work by doing pretty much exactly what their name implies – creating bulk within the gut to help push waste along. In a limited set of circumstances, these products are perfectly adequate at getting things moving again. Unfortunately for those with gut lining inflammation or microbiome imbalances, aggressively packing additional bulk into the intestines can actually be counterproductive. Gas, bloating, and decreased efficiency in the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients is relatively common when these problems exist. 

Stool softeners: This category includes drugs with active ingredients like docusate that work by pulling water directly out of the lining of the lower GI and into the stool so that it becomes softer and easier to pass. Again, there are plenty of circumstances in which stool softeners are called for, but general constipation usually isn’t one of them. Instead, these drugs are intended to provide symptomatic relief for people with conditions that make passing stools difficult (hemorrhoids, people who have recently undergone surgeries, etc.). So if you’re looking for something to reduce inflammation in your gut or correct the gut flora imbalances that contribute to constipation, these drugs probably aren’t for you.

Stimulant laxatives: Stimulants represent the extreme end of the laxative spectrum. These drugs aren’t subtle, they work by triggering muscular contractions along the GI tract that aggressively push waste along. We’ll give credit where it’s due… These products work. Unfortunately, they also carry significant risks, including a worsening of problematic gut bacteria imbalances and even carry the potential for a permanent inability to poop without the help of these drugs if taken for too long.

Luckily there’s a real solution

Sulforaphane allows you to correct the root causes of constipation – not just manage your symptoms. It’s time to stop reacting to poor gut health and go on offense. Sulforaphane triggers vital cellular repair pathways in our bodies that allows us to eliminate inflammation in our gut lining and restore the conditions required for the growth of a healthy gut biome. Just one easy Broc Shot per day can help you stay regular while restoring your gut barrier – all without the need for risky laxatives.

We correct constipation at the source.