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Daily broccoli sprouts: A game-changer for beauty and health

Daily broccoli sprouts: A game-changer for beauty and health


The super-phytochemical sulforaphane first caught my eye a decade ago, while I was researching nutrients that could change my (and my clients’) skin from the inside out. If you’ve read Eat Pretty, you know that sulforaphane is a phytochemical with impressive beauty benefits: it reduces skin redness from UV exposure, lowers inflammation (a precursor to so many of the beauty issues you’re looking to avoid— think premature wrinkling, sagging skin, redness and sensitivity, breakouts...), and boosts production of the body’s ‘master antioxidant’ glutathione. I‘ve since learned that it also promotes collagen production and turns on autophagy, the process of cleaning out old cells that helps slow premature aging. You’re looking at a top-notch beauty nutrient here!

Since those early coaching days, I’ve become a big fan of broccoli sprouts, one of the most potent sources of sulforaphane (if you’ve been a health coaching client of mine, I’ve probably even set you up with your own sprouting gear). I love the weekly ritual of sprouting in my hemp sprouting bag. But sulforaphane levels do vary within sprouts, and sprouting takes time and attention that many people can’t spare. That’s one reason I’m excited to share this find: a daily shot of sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts called Broc Shot. It delivers a quantifiable (15mg) dose of sulforaphane in a readily absorbable form. Broc Shot mixes the key compounds glucoraphanin and myrosinase that convert to sulforaphane; the combo is activated when you pop down the lid of your shot to ensure that you get maximum benefits. If you’ve seen broccoli sprout extracts offered in pill form, it’s important to know that most don’t contain myrosinase so they’re not hugely beneficial. Broc Shot is the real deal, and you can feel the difference.

I’m sure you’re wondering what it’s like to take a shot of broccoli sprouts— watch my Broc Shot ritual here.

Beyond its beauty perks, the sulforaphane in Broc Shot has made a noticeable change in my chronic Lyme Disease symptoms, no doubt owing to its reduction in inflammation and detoxification support. Detox is a daily essential with Lyme, and sulforaphane supports phase 2 detox pathways that render many common toxins (including benzene, BPA, BHT, and triclosan) less harmful in your body. Broc Shot goes so far as to guarantee that you’ll feel a difference in your health within days of starting the shot-a-day regimen, and I concur. I feel a difference just hours after I take one of these shots, especially if I’m experiencing a flare-up of chronic Lyme symptoms.

Even if you aren’t dealing with a health condition, you can think of these shots as a preventative health measure. Detox is a pillar of any healthy lifestyle these days, given the quantity of toxins we encounter in our environment and in our foods and products each day. Sulforaphane supports healthy gut bacteria (another health pillar), and has proven potential as a major anti-cancer nutrient. It has anti-angiogenic properties that can slow tumor growth, plus it decreases DNA damage and activates a tumor-suppressing gene in the body, preventing many of the undetected changes that can lead to cancer formation over time.

Going forward, I’ll still be sprouting my broccoli sprouts and loading up on cruciferous veggies for their spectrum of nutrients. But the daily dose of sulforaphane in my Broc Shot is a health-game-changer that I’m thrilled to maintain for the way I feel today and the way I will age in the future. I urge you to give it a try in place of other superfood supplements, and tell me how you feel!

Jolene Hart is a former magazine beauty editor-turned health coach who has been educating women on the deep connection between diet, lifestyle and beauty for over a decade.

Her Eat Pretty book series became an international best-seller. And my newest book, Ignite Your Light, is my most exciting release yet.

She's also a mom, a passionate cook + recipe creator, and a chronic illness warrior with late stage Lyme disease and coinfections. Check out her blog here.