FORBES: How Broc Shot, The Broccoli Sprout Shot With Sulforaphane Is T – BROC SHOT

FORBES: How Broc Shot, The Broccoli Sprout Shot With Sulforaphane Is Transforming Beauty + Health

FORBES: How Broc Shot, The Broccoli Sprout Shot With Sulforaphane Is Transforming Beauty + Health


Sulforaphane has been shown to improve beauty, more specifically the skin, the body, and the brain. And wellness brand Broc Shot which launched this year is at the forefront of this antioxidant power in the US that’s helping people improve inflammation, detoxification, and intestinal health (IDG).

A really cool dosing cap and shot

Sulforaphane is derived from broccoli sprouts, which has a high concentration of the antioxidant, more than any other vegetable and 50-100x more than regular broccoli. Broc Shot founders Gracia Walker and Benjamin Silver, created their patented dosing cap and shot that releases the sulforaphane powder into the water that’s in the mini bottle, and that’s then ingested through the mouth.

“First, the powder is active and cannot be premixed with water or it will degrade in about 15 mins. The dosing cap allowed us to keep the powder separate from water so that the user can freshly mix it right before use. Just push, shake, shot. This ensures the most bioavailable source of sulforaphane, which means benefits seen and felt in days. Our dosing cap not only makes taking your supplement convenient, it’s also experiential,” details Silver.

“The dosing cap and the egg carton it comes in, serves a second purpose. As a wellness company it’s not just important that our product is the most effective formula, it’s equally important that the consumer wants to keep using it, day after day. Helping our customer create healthy habits was a big part of our development. We spent tons of time listening to habit experts like B.J. Fogg and Shankar Vedantam on Hidden Brain. The consistent thread was about removing friction. So, we saw that many people have pill and powder fatigue - popping those pills or making a smoothie for some is a fussy step in the morning. So, the shot simplifies your routine, and the egg carton fits BROC SHOT right into a built-in habit that you already have - opening the refrigerator, which we do 15-20x per day,” states Walker

Coming in 3 flavors: pineapple mint, ginger + lime, and original, starting at $49.99 for a 10-pack ($4.99/shot) and $134 for a 30-pack ($4.49/shot), the products is able to be shipped all over the world. The company offers a risk-free monthly subscription that comes with a 10% savings.

The conception of Broc Shot

Silver and Walker are proud of this product being on the market. What prompted the duo to found Broc Shot was an article that Silver had read. “It all began when I first read about a Johns Hopkins study that said, “Broccoli Sprout Beverage Enhances Detoxification of Air Pollutants in Clinical Trial in China.” I was blown away that a broccoli sprout beverage and its compound sulforaphane detoxified air pollutants benzene, a known human carcinogen, and acrolein, a lung irritant, within 24 hours. I went into a deep dive that night and found that there are over 1000 peer-reviewed clinical studies and articles on sulforaphane and its countless health and even beauty benefits, including anti-aging and skin health, metabolic health, sports performance and recovery, cognitive benefits, gut health, immunity, cancer prevention/treatment, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and more,” he says.

“Its benefits in our body are quite vast because its core work begins inside of our cells,” he continues. “Sulforaphane is likely the most powerful activator of NrF2 pathway, which activates the antioxidants inside our own bodies, creating our own personal antioxidant defense system, arming it to naturally protect itself against stress and damage. So instead of putting things in our body to fight for us, sulforaphane switches on our own body, which makes it one of the most personalized nutrients one could take. So, at this moment, I’m thinking, ‘how are sulforaphane and broccoli sprouts not wildly famous?’ I wanted to start taking it immediately but couldn’t find any good sources. It seemed everything on the market was calling itself sulforaphane but it wasn’t. Or it was synthetic, which seemed counter-intuitive for a wellness product. So, I decided I needed to make a high quality, natural source of sulforaphane from whole broccoli sprout powder.”

The benefits of sulforaphane

“There is nothing like Broc Shot on the market that can offers such a comprehensive approach to wellness,” says Silver. And, there isn’t, not with 100% whole broccoli sprout powder that will give 15mg of 100% sulforaphane- which is equivalent to 10 pounds of raw broccoli. There are sulforaphane supplements and synthetic sulforaphane products.

Broc Shot stands behind its commitment that IDG and just overall wellbeing is at the forefront. “If you aren’t addressing IDG, you are putting a band-aid on a wound. Powered by 15mg of Sulforaphane, a compound that has been demonstrated in over 1000 peer-reviewed studies and articles, there is nothing like Broc Shot on the market that can offers such a comprehensive approach to wellness,” stresses Silver.

“Most consumers need to take 3-10 supplements to cover their complete wellness needs. Broc Shot’s single daily, convenient shot eliminates the need for so many superfluous supplements. And we are resetting consumers expectations, as we no longer must take supplements with invisible benefits. We guarantee beauty and wellness benefits seen and felt in days or your money-back,” says Walker.

The company stresses that after 3 shots you will see a difference and I found this to be so. My face was glowing. The skincare is a $19 billion-dollar industry. Of course, creams, serums, and cleansers are important. But what’s going on in the inside (and what we put inside) of our bodies is just as important as products we put on the skin. So, why is Broc Shot just as important as creams, cleansers, serums and the like, and what are its benefits to the skin? Walker chimes in, “treating our skin topically, especially with sun protection is incredibly important but it means nothing if internally your system isn’t operating well. That’s where BROC SHOT, with 15 mg of sulforaphane, offers a very nuanced and complimentary skincare approach. We are supporting your internal defense system which is baseline to any beauty regimen. You can apply loads of topical skincare products but if your body isn't defending itself internally from real world aggressors like pollution, diet, and stress, you are wasting your time and money. Sulforaphane supports skin health and prevents premature skin aging in two key ways: first, it helps increase our cells resistance to toxins and inflammation that cause oxidative stress, in essence protecting our cells. And skin health starts at a cellular level. Sulforaphane also protects existing collagen and helps the body to produce collagen. As a result, in a consumer perception study that we conducted, 96% of BROC SHOT users saw clearer looking skin, 98% saw more luminous looking skin and 86% saw younger looking skin.”

While Silver or Walker do not have a background in nutrition, they’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, and Walker’s career started in the beauty industry. “I came from the beauty industry, having spent over a decade of my career at Kiehl’s, a century old brand birthed from a pharmacy. The brand was so science based that I developed a decent expertise in both skin and cellular health. This made me a more critical consumer with high expectations of how well a product should work and a deep interest in the science behind it. When I met Benjamin and saw what this product could do, that we could offer real benefits in days and the science was backed by 1000+ studies and articles, I was blown away. I couldn’t wait to get this out into the world, in a way consumers would feel fit perfectly in their lives,” shares Walker.

“I’ve always been passionate about wellness for myself and when I began working, I was always driven toward businesses that could help me and others to be healthier,” says Silver. “Funny enough, I started in E-cigarettes, when we all thought they would help people quit smoking. I quickly jumped ship from there. I then fell in love with coconut water when I started yoga and then it wasn’t available in Australia. So, I contacted Zico and became their Aussie distributor. This was short lived as Coca-Cola purchased the company. Then broccoli sprouts and sulforaphane found me and then I found Gracia.”

Product expansion

Since launching the product has been doing well. Silver and Walker have new expansions that are keeping them busy. “We have different forms of our hero BROC SHOT formula, such as plastic-free and aluminum-free sachets that are great for travel as well as a bulk powder offering,” that will come out before the end of the year says Silver. “We’ve just scratched the surface on how this ingredient can help people look and feel better. In 2023, our innovations expand outside of ingestibles, into topicals which will be incredibly exciting and expansive for not only our company but the industry. With sulforaphane we are resetting consumers expectations of what products can do. Beauty and wellness are tangible, you should see and feel them, and you shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for benefits.”

Recyclable bottles

One you’re done with your 10-pack, you return it with the shipping label that was sent with your Broc Shot and they in turn donate them to Terracycle, who they have partnered with.Terracycle is the global leader in recycling hard-to-use plastics. To date they have recycled over 7.7 billion items into long-use things we need like school desks, park benches and playground equipment. With each order, customers receive a pre-paid shipping label to send their empties at no-cost to Terracycle to help keep them out of landfills and waterways,” say Walker.