Health Coach Alex Shearer is Frustrated about Supplements – BROC SHOT

Health Coach Alex Shearer is Frustrated about Supplements

Health Coach Alex Shearer is Frustrated about Supplements


My Go-To for Inflammation, Gut Health & Detox 

By Alex Shearer Nov 1, 2022 

If you know me, you know I love using natural herbs & supplements to support gut health, energy, detoxification, sleep, & skin. There’s so much power in using the right ingredients to support your health & well-being. However, I also know that the world of herbs & supplements can be really overwhelming, and many people struggle to stick with a solid supplement routine long-term.

Traditional supplements can be frustrating…

First of all, it’s confusing figuring out which supplements/herbs are best for you. There’s so many on the market, and they all do different things: immunity, sleep, gut health, brain function, energy… if you want to support all of these areas, you need separate herbs or supplements, which can start to get expensive.

Secondly, as much as I’d love to prepare a homemade wellness shot every day, it’s not always realistic - measuring the right doses, ensuring the right blend of ingredients, & cleaning up your blender feels pretty low priority when you’ve got a busy schedule.

Lastly, a lot of times it’s hard to notice the impact of supplementation… especially if you use products with low quality or unnecessary added ingredients.

This is why I went on a mission to find the perfect wellness supplement. I knew there had to be something out there that was A) easy to add to my routine, B) actually worked and C) had the right ingredient profile.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found my match. Lately, I’ve been loving this daily wellness shot from Broc Shot. It’s an all-in-one wellness shot that supports gut health, detoxing and inflammation, and I have to say, it works. Since incorporating Broc Shot into my daily routine, I’ve already noticed a difference in my digestion, energy, skin & mood, so I knew I had to share this wellness hack with you.

My go-to wellness shot

Broc Shot is a wellness shot made from 100% whole broccoli sprouts.

Why broccoli sprouts, you might ask? Well, broccoli sprouts contain a phytochemical called sulforophane, which is a groundbreaking ingredient discovered by Johns Hopkins in the 90s. This ingredient is special because supports all the key areas of wellness:

  • gut health

  • inflammation

  • detoxification

  • brain function

  • immunity

  • hormone balance

  • energy

  • disease prevention

  • beauty benefits: anti aging + collagen production

Basically, this one super ingredient has the same potency of most of the supplements in your cabinet combined. This means you can say goodbye to cabinet clutter & expensive supplements that only do 1 thing, because Broc SHOT addresses the three key pillars of wellness - detoxification, inflammation and gut health.

The best thing about Broc Shot, though, is that you can feel the difference almost right away… within the first few days of use, I already began to notice improved digestion, energy & glowy skin. That’s the power of real, clean ingredients at work. Big yes for me!


An emphasis on detoxification

As I mentioned in my last post, detoxification may mean something different than what society has taught us, but it’s still extremely important. We are exposed to toxins daily that are overloading our detoxification system and leading to gut health and cognitive issues. Environmental factors are key causes of premature aging and chronic disease: Average American is exposed to 80K1 toxins/chemicals daily including arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, fluoride, aluminum, pesticides and more.

Daily toxins come from…

•Drinking water (lead, mercury, arsenic, microplastics and industrial chemicals)

•Food (pesticides, herbicides,

•Household products

•Industrial waste

•Air pollution

Toxins can…

•Inhibit enzyme function

•Accumulate in organs

•Disrupt the endocrine system

•Impair the immune system

•Tied to developmental and reproductive disorders

•Impair respiratory function

•Damage cells and mitochondria

•Gut dysbiosis (affects digestion, bioavailability/absorption, elimination, detoxification, and immune function)


How I take my wellness shot + other benefits

I like to take my Broc Shot first thing in the morning with breakfast to help me feel energized and fueled for the day ahead, but you can take Broc Shot at any time. Just be sure to consume your shot within 10 minutes of mixing to reap the most benefits. Preparing your Broc Shot is super simple… simply push down, shake, and - bottoms up!

Ingredients & effectiveness is obviously #1 for me… but the sleek & easy-to-use packaging of these wellness shots definitely doesn’t hurt, either. Broc Shots come in a container similar to an egg carton, perfectly fitted to hold individual packages and slide right in the fridge. So much cleaner & more organized than a cluttered cabinet of supplements & vitamins.

And in case you’re worried about environmental impact, Broc Shot is also eco-friendly! Simply ship your empties to Terracycle at no extra cost (they even give you a prepaid shipping label), and they’ll be recycled into school desks, park benches, playground equipment, and more. I love knowing the products I use have a low carbon footprint; if you’re the same way, I know you’ll love this product, too.

At the end of the day, I wanted to find a product that supports gut health & detoxing without the headache of traditional supplements. I’m so happy to have found it with Broc Shot, and even happier to be able to share it with you! If you’re looking for an easy way to support your gut health that actually works, Broc Shot will be your best friend.