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Sulforaphane vs. Collagen Supplements


Chances are you've seen collagen products all around you these days offering benefits like plumper skin, thick hair, strong nails and healthier joints. Knowing that after the age of 20 we lose 1% of our collagen each year these products can feel really attractive.

We've got news for you - you've been misled about collagen.

The truth is naturally occurring collagen in your body does offer these benefits. The issue is collagen products (aka hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides) are leveraging the role of natural collagen but may not actually be converting to collagen in your body effectively, if at all.

Why? As with all supplements, absorption is key and collagen supplements lack significant data on efficacy and absorption rates. In a 2019 NY Times article, Dr. Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York shares "how much of the supplement is absorbed and whether those amino acids make it to their target organs to act as the building blocks to make more collagen is still up for debate.”

In addition to the limited studies on efficacy of ingestible collagen, some experts have questioned the results based on the fact that studies have been funded by collagen companies.

Sulforaphane, a scientifically proven collagen weapon

Because collagen powders have to be broken down into amino acids, then absorbed and used to build collagen or other proteins your body needs you will be waiting 4-12 weeks to see minimal benefits.

Sulforaphane on the other hand is a faster more direct natural solution. It is clinically demonstrated to protect your own collagen and help your body produce more, naturally. Plus there are over a 1000 peer reviewed studies validating its countless other health benefits and it begins working in days, not weeks.

We’ve broken down their key differences so that you can make more informed choices as you undergo your own beauty and wellness journey.

What results can I expect?




results in

3-5 Days

Results In

4-12 Weeks


Made from 100% whole
Broccoli Sprouts

Animal sources

Cowhide or fish scales

how it works

Sulforaphane protects and
improves existing collagen 1,2

how it works

Absorbed by body to encourage it to produce more


- Youthful skin
- Clear skin
- Luminous skin
- Hair health
- Nail health
- Less bloating
- Regular bowels
- More energy
- Sports performance
- Athletic recovery
- Sleep quality 
- Focus
- Memory
- Immunity
- Gut health


- Youthful skin
- Skin health
- Hair health
- Nail health
- Sports performance

The bottom line

Collagen supplements and your body’s own natural collagen aren’t interchangeable.

Instead of flooding you with bovine or fish scale collagen that your body isn’t designed to make effective use of, sulforaphane works by preserving and improving your body’s own natural collagen production. Plus, unlike collagen supplements – sulforaphane products like Broc Shot are vegan (link to April’s vegan blog). Broc Shot delivers 15 mgs of sulforaphane from 100% whole broccoli sprouts to give you the results that you’re looking for.