Meet The Founders – BROC SHOT

Meet the Founders

Benjamin + Gracia

How did BROC SHOT begin? 

“It all began when I first read about a Johns Hopkins study that said, 'Broccoli Sprout Beverage Enhances Detoxification of Air Pollutants in Clinical Trial in China'.

I was blown away that a broccoli sprout beverage and its compound sulforaphane detoxified air pollutants benzene, a known human carcinogen, and acrolein, a lung irritant, within 24 hours. I went into a deep dive that night and found that there are over 1000 peer-reviewed clinical studies and articles on sulforaphane and its countless health and even beauty benefits, including anti-aging and skin health, metabolic health, sports performance and recovery, cognitive benefits, gut health, immunity, cancer prevention/treatment, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and more,”

I wanted to start taking it immediately but couldn’t find any good sources. It seemed everything on the market was calling itself sulforaphane but it wasn’t. Or it was synthetic, which seemed counter-intuitive for a wellness product.

So, I decided we needed to harness a high quality, natural source of sulforaphane from whole broccoli sprout powder.

Benjamin Silver

Why is BROC SHOT unique?

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Wellness Simplified

“Most consumers need to take 3-10 supplements to cover their complete wellness needs. BROC SHOT’s single daily, convenient shot eliminates the need for so many superfluous supplements. And we are resetting consumers expectations, as we no longer must take supplements with invisible benefits. We guarantee beauty and wellness benefits seen and felt in days or your money-back,”

“I came from the beauty industry, having spent over a decade of my career in skincare, where I developed a decent expertise in both skin and cellular health. I also saw how much hype and BS brands were selling. A touch of science and a boat load of marketing hype, playing to our fears of getting older. This made me a more critical consumer with high expectations of how well a product should work and a deep interest in the science behind it. When I met Benjamin and saw what this product could do, that we could offer real benefits in days and the science was backed by 1000+ studies and articles, I was blown away."

I couldn’t wait to get this out into the world, in a way consumers would feel fit perfectly in their lives.

Gracia Walker