Gut Health – BROC SHOT




Nurturing your second brain

Our gut is called our second brain as it plays a key role in proper immune, cognitive, and metabolic function. Sulforaphane’s ability to reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract leads to more comfortable digestion, better nutrient absorption, reduced bloating, and enables the restoration of a healthy gut lining and microbiome.

How Sulforaphane Works

Within the first days of consistent use, sulforaphane is known for activating specific cellular repair pathways to assist in healing damage within the gut lining and helping restore the conditions required for the growth of healthy gut bacteria. These important changes can contribute to improved regularity and digestive effects occurring within the first week of use.



Sulforaphane changed our lives and can change yours as well.  We’ve included a few tips below to help you see and feel the power of Broc Shot. We are here to support you on your wellness journey. Let us know how you are feeling or write us with questions - we are here to help.  

With daily use, we guarantee benefits seen and felt such as more energy, clearer, more luminous-looking skin, improved bowel habits, less bloating, improved memory and more.  Feel free to take Broc Shot with or without food.  

Always listen to your body. On the off chance that you notice any initial gassiness or bowel movement effects that are too intense for your comfort, feel free to cut your daily dose in half for several days as your body makes the adjustment. Our sachet packaging allows you to easily use as much Broc Shot as you’d like, while saving the rest for the next day. 

Sulforaphane works in synergy with most supplements and medications but can have contraindications with blood thinners. In addition, those with liver conditions, broccoli sensitivities or salicylate sensitivities may also be sensitive to sulforaphane products.   Consulting your health specialist could be a productive step to know if any sensitivities exist. If you have one of these sensitivities, its best to avoid any sulforaphane product. Should you or your healthcare practitioner like further information, please don't hesitate to reach with any questions. We are here to help.