Broc Shot Stainless Steel Shaker – BROC SHOT

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Broc Shot Stainless Steel Shaker

Meet your reusable shaker. A stainless steel shaker to make your daily shot perfectly dosed and mess-free.


How It Works

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In your first shipment your subscription box will include:

  • 30 individual sachet servings of BROC SHOT
  • Free stainless steel shaker for a perfectly dosed daily shot
  • Free Sulforaphane 101 education guide

What does BROC SHOT cost?
You’ll save 28% on every box.

Your first Starter Kit will cost: $59.99 USD (compared to $79.99 for non-subscription Starter Kits)

Each subsequent box with 30 individual sachet servings will cost $59.99 USD (compared to $69.99 for non-subscription)

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