Sulforaphane 101 – BROC SHOT

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Scientifically Superior

Don’t be fooled. Not all sulforaphane products are created equal. In fact, most don’t produce sulforaphane at all.

“I’ve been using a broccoli sprout pill for over a year and didn’t feel much difference. Within days of using Broc Shot I had more energy and I was sleeping better.”

Elisa W.

“Knowing how many toxins I come into contact with living in NYC, I love knowing that I’ll actually get sulforaphane using Broc Shot. Plus my skin looks better!”

Vanessa C.

“I heard sulforaphane was a game-changer for gut health. I love Broc Shot’s sulforaphane guarantee and that I can actually see and feel it working.”

Soroya F.


To better understand Sulforaphane, we made a SFN guide video to help our customers to be better informed.



We launched BROC SHOT because we couldn’t find good sources of sulforaphane. Most were extracts without sulforaphane or were synthetic (aka stabilized). We take a number of steps to ensure that each dose of BROC SHOT provides a consistent yield of no less than 15mg of sulforaphane (SFN).


  • We NEVER use ANY extracts (seed, sprout or flower) which rely on your own stomach to convert to SFN.
  • We NEVER use synthetic (aka stabilized) sulforaphane which we feel is counter intuitive to a wellness regimen.
  • We NEVER use any agricultural / environmental chemical pesticides or herbicide residues at any stage of our process. Our sprouts are NON-GMO and grown hydroganically, a process that combines hydroponic + pesticide/herbicide-free cultivation systems.