“To feel + see benefits in days, you must choose the right broccoli sprout source”

Dr. Tom Karagiannis,Epigenomic Medicine, University of Melbourne

Sulforaphane GUIDE



Each activated BROC SHOT® ensures 15mg of Sulforaphane for real benefits – in DAYS, not weeks. Guaranteed.



100% Enzyme-Active whole broccoli sprouts

Did You Know?

Sulforaphane is an enzymatic reaction between two compounds in a broccoli sprout – Glucaraphanin and Myrosynase. Without both compounds there is little to NO Sulforaphane. No Sulforaphane means no benefits.


OurDosing Cap

Our patented dosing cap keeps the active powder and filtered water separate until you freshly mix them.

Did You Know?

Enzyme-active broccoli sprout powder cannot be premixed, it will degrade in water in 15 mins.