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How does sulforaphane support your body detox process?

Sulforaphane is an incredibly powerful plant compound that works on multiple levels to support detoxification. Research has shown that sulforaphane has remarkable detox benefits, including the ability to boost the body’s removal of air pollutants by 61%.

Here’s how sulforaphane works to optimize your body’s detoxification:

  • Sulforaphane facilitates liver detoxification. Sulforaphane is celebrated for its particular effectiveness in supporting Phase 2 liver detoxification, which neutralizes toxins and prepares them to be eliminated by the body.
  • Sulforaphane helps synthesize the key detoxification nutrient glutathione. Sulforaphane boosts synthesis of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant and one of the body’s most hardworking detox players.
  • Sulforaphane supports a healthy gut, a key channel of toxin elimination. Sulforaphane has been shown in research to normalize the microbiome and repair the gut barrier.
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For the curious

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a process to get your body rid of various toxins. It aids in strengthening the immune system, rejuvenates skin and boosts mental health, amongst many other health benefits. Detoxifying brings balance back to your life and helps your system function correctly.

Why should I care about toxins?

Toxins (substances that have the potential to cause harm or dysfunction in the body) are ubiquitous in our environment and our daily lives. You’ll find them in air and water, in personal care products, paint, and furniture, in the foods you eat, and even in nature. Your body detoxifies as a constant, behind-the-scenes process— that is, until it runs into complications that stem from issues like toxin overload, nutrient deficiencies, genetics, stress, or infections. At first, you might not feel or see the lag in detoxification. But over time, dysfunction in your detoxification systems causes a spectrum of persistent health concerns that keep you from feeling your best, including fatigue, frequent illness, brain fog, allergic conditions, digestive issues, poor sleep, and hormone imbalance. Detoxification is the process that you probably won’t think much about— until it fails.

Can SFN supplements help remove toxins from the body?

Absolutely, if those supplements efficiently convert to the active form of sulforaphane. Many sulforaphane supplements contain only glucoraphanine, a compound that requires the addition of an enzyme called myrosinase to produce active sulforaphane in the body. To be sure that your sulforaphane supplement will help support toxin removal, it must deliver active sulforaphane. You can learn more about active sulforaphane here. (link this sentence to SFN 101 page)

Other useful ways to detox the body

Detoxification works best as a consistent, everyday stroll, rather than a brief, intermittent sprint. In addition to supplementing sulforaphane, you can support your body’s natural detoxification systems daily with exercise; sweating in a sauna; eating ample amounts of plant fiber and staying well-hydrated; practicing lymphatic massage; and eating foods that support detox, like garlic, onions, beets, green tea, lemons, and cruciferous vegetables.

Why detoxing is a must in 2023

Our bodies are made to detoxify on their own. But the onslaught of toxins that we’re regularly exposed to today means that our detox systems are falling behind. Studies commonly report the presence of multiple environmental toxins in the cord blood of infants at the time of their birth. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals now show up in everyday places like food packaging, athletic clothing, register receipts, and dental floss. Factor in common issues with gut health, nutrient deficiencies, and genetics that complicate optimal detoxification, and you have a recipe for toxin overload. Since the body will recycle and reabsorb toxins that are not eliminated, supporting detoxification is a daily essential for lifelong health.

The best way to get enough SFN

If you eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, bok choy, and cabbage daily (preferably raw, since cooking destroys the enzyme needed to activate sulforaphane), and you chew each bite well to release the necessary enzymes, then you may be taking in a modest amount of sulforaphane. An even better choice for dietary sulforaphane is broccoli sprouts, which contain up to 100x more sulforaphane than full-grown broccoli. But even then, the amount of active sulforaphane your body receives will depend on the batch of sprouts and your digestion. We believe that the best source of sulforaphane is consistently potent, readily bioavailable, and convenient, so that it fits easily in your routine. For ample sulforaphane, the standardized 15mg dose of sulforaphane in BROC SHOT is the only option that meets our criteria. BROC SHOT combines whole broccoli sprout powder with the enzyme myrosinase to produce the active form of sulforaphane that your body can readily use to support detox and optimal health. It delivers a sulforaphane equivalent of 200 to 400 grams of broccoli sprouts, far surpassing dietary sources.



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