Original (30 servings) – BROC SHOT

Original (30 servings)

A single shot of Broccoli Sprouts with 15mg of Sulforaphane to improve your beauty, body and brain.

Includes: 30 individual sachet servings of BROC SHOT

Taste: Mild + Earthy




Whole Broccoli Sprout Powder

Non-GMO, NO Gluten, NO Soy, No Nuts, Vegan

How It Works

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Real benefits when you don’t skip a single shot

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  • 30 individual sachet servings of Broc Shot
What does BROC SHOT cost?

$69.99 USD (compared to $79.99 for non-subscription)

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  • Energy
  • Improved bowel habits
  • Younger looking skin 
  • More luminous looking skin
  • Clearer looking skin
  • Focus
  • Memory 
  • Improved sleep quality